Race Results April 10 2021

Racing for May resumes in Hagerstown this Saturday! Good wind predicted and my 12 is up and running again!. Come on out!! SailWars is a new Youtube channel that Bart D has told me about and they will be there for filming of a fun episode this weekend. Bring your smiles and let's have a blast promoting RC Sailing in Hagerstown!!

Here's the April race writeup, late but here.
April RC sailing started the season with 9 members racing 11 boats- 5 EC12s and 6 DF65s. We had good southerly wind all morning for the 12s. Danny T came out to help me RD and promptly showed us his sailing and tuning skills as he won every race!! I was 2nd for the 1st race. But then my 20 yr old Futaba sail winch burned out in the middle of the 2nd race, luckily close hauled, so I limped home in 3rd place and then pulled the boat out. Mike C came down from CBurg and then pushed Danny almost every race with 7-2nds in a row!. Bart D started the season in style w his newly painted 12 and was a solid 3rd overall. Meanwhile, his wife Koni D loved sailing her "LA Woman" ( bought over the winter from TR). She made steady improvements in her sailing skills and I enjoyed coaching her while my 12 was disabled.

For the Dragon Force 65s we had 6 on the water including new member couple Mike and Debbi Lewis. The wind rotated to SW so DT set a new windward mark and adjusted the course. We did 8 races total, most 2 lappers. Mike C and I battled hard for the wins in tight racing and after 6 races we were deadlocked w 3 bullets and 3- 2nds each. I managed to win the last two races to win the day by 2 points! What a fun day of racing!! Khim B was back for 2021 and had solid sailing with five 3rds to take 3rd overall! Helen S had a big smile as she maneuvered her boat to a 3rd place in the 2nd race and was 4 th overall for the day. Debbi L then did the same thing the 3 rd race as she crossed the line in 3rd place. Mike L and Debbi tied on points for the day but that 3rd place was the tiebreaker s she got 5th for the day with Mike L in 6th. Full scoresheets will be scanned to the CVMYClub website.

Meanwhile in other club news-
Steve Ott has purchased a refurbished yellow EC12 that Terry Lamb and I acquired to flip to a club member. Hopefully he will be there racing for the first time.

Last thing is that I have talked w City of Hagerstown Parks and Rec Coordinator Amy R and have confirmed our club's participation in the 2021 City Park Fall Festival scheduled for Saturday Sep 18th 11AM to 330pm. I am sure there are some of you w scheduling conflicts like MMYC raceday but that is the date the City chose. So put it on your calenders for a fun day of exhibiting our RC Sailing to the public and generate great PR for the club.

2021 April 10 Race scores

Jarl Wathne 11
Mike Cavanaugh 13
Khim Bittle 27
Helen Stevens 36
Debbi Lewis 48
Mike Lewis 48

Danny Thomas 8
Mike Cavanaugh 17
Bart Drummond 29
Koni Drummond 33
Jarl Wathne 41