CVMYC 2021 August Race Results


We had another fun race Saturday 8/14/21. A total of 10 skippers came out including three guest members for the EC12s.  Wind was again mostly from the NW, so came from the parking lot, and was light and variable all day. So we again set a course along the Key St shoreline sailing from Park Circle towards the gazebo. We had seven EC12s racing. AMYA Region 2 Director Dave Branning came out and called the start and finish lines for us. Danny T put on a one man clinic as he dealt with the light fluky winds and sailed to 7 bullets and two 3rds! Guest Doug W and I got the other two wins. But it was tight racing for the other positions and after 4 races 2-5th were separated by only 2 points. After 6 races 2-4th were still only 2 points apart.

Place  Bullets    Points    Skipper Sail#

1          7          13        Danny 1405   

2          1          27        Jarl      188

3          -           32        Scott T 78

4          1          35        Doug W 51

5          -           40        Mike C   08

6          -           46        Rick B    35

7          -           66        Terry   1508

Dragon Force 65s-

After a lunch break we cranked up the start clock for 6 DF65s. The wind was again light and variable. DT and I went 1-2 in the first race but then Mike C ran off 5 wins in a row!! Often Mike was in 2nd or 3rd at the last mark and then pulled out the win in a come from behind manner. DT was 2nd for all of those 5 races. So due to Mike’s 4th place in Race 1, after Race 6 Mike had only a 2 pt lead. DT then won Race 7 with Mike 2nd.  Nick K had a well-deserved win in Race 8 and DT was 2nd to Mike’s 3rd. So now Mike and Danny were tied going into the last race. Danny nailed the overall win with a bullet. I almost forgot to mention that Nick had to switch boats when his first one almost sank from taking on water via a crack in the bow. Come on out next month and see what you can do to join the fun!!

Place   Bullet  Points  Name  Sail     

1          3          15        Danny 5

2          5          17        Mike    1

3          -           32        Jarl      88

4          -           36        Khim    410

5          -           44        Jack     24

6          1          48        Nick     04/05