September 2021 Race Results

Another club race day is in the books. We had a total of 8 skippers including two “newbies” from Menno Haven MYC. Only three EC12s but this included Winston. Who is a new EC12 skipper, having just purchased a used 12 from TR and I. I had finally installed my new Light A sails to replace the used set I installed on Steve Ott’s boat. I got it tuned up and squared and then was able to win 5 of 7 races in very light and fluky pond winds. Mike C won the other two. But in the last race Winston was able to beat Mike to grab a 2nd place. Big smiles all around.

Jarl-          9pts

Mike C - 13 pts

Winston-20 pts

After a relaxed lunch, seven DF65s launched and gathered for the first of 8 races. The first one I was able to win but Jack was nipping at my heels. Second race, same thing. Then in races 3 and 4 Jack lead wire to wire and I was unable to run him down. So now after 4 races Jack and I were tied for the day at 6 pts!! I guess that Wednesday practice helped Jack a lot!! Then he faltered in race 5 and I was able to run off bullets in the last 4 races to pull away. Mike C who had been 7 pts back at midway then got his game under control and was closing the gap on Jack. He nailed 3 second places to close out the day. However, Jack’s lead held, and he took overall 2nd place by 1 pt over Mike C. Ian was a lonely 4th overall with a best of 2nd in Race 5. Khim and Mike L finished only 1 pt apart with Khim getting the 5th. Newbie for the DF65 was Mike C’s brother Jim. He was getting better every race.

  1. Jarl       10
  2. Jack     22
  3. Mike C 23
  4. Ian       30
  5. Khim    43
  6. Mike L 44
  7. Jim C   57

-Jarl Wathne